Russell Quirk: Dad had a new car every few months… His Porsche 911 didn’t last a week! E-Type, Aston Martin, Escort RS2000, Rolls Royce S3E10

Jon and Andy are joined by Russell Quirk who recalls countless tales of his Dad’s cars.

He reckons his Dad swapped cars every 6 months, and we’re not just talking old Ford Escorts (although he had an RS2000) we’re talking E-Types, Aston Martin’s, Rolls Royces, TVR, Porsche and more.

Russell’s Dad was an Estate Agent in Essex, and liked to show off a little as to how successful he was. In later life he got into Car Dealerships, and was known as Mazda Man due to his brand allegiance.

Russell’s proudest tale is the story of tracking down the personalised number plate that used to be worn by his father’s Aston Martin V8 Vantage, until, one day when he came home from work without it, as it had been sold… with the 4 digit plate GO 92.

Many years later Russell chanced upon the plate for sale and simply had to buy it!

So it now lives on one of his own cars in tribute to his late father.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as all the others. A big thanks to Russell for coming on to talk with us.

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