Public Relations for housebuilders and property developers is key when reaching out to the community.

Property developers invest heavily into the long-term benefits of local communities. However, many people are suspicious of their motives and believe that they are only in it for the money. The common belief is that a developer will buy land, build houses, take their profit and leave.

The British Property Federation carried out a survey that highlighted that this was not the case. As a result of 126 major development projects, local communities benefited to the tune of £3 billion. These came in the form of enhanced infrastructure, new schools and healthcare facilities. Public spaces were refurbished and work training initiatives were offered. Gaps were filled in the community, there were better employment opportunities, and stagnant areas were rejuvenated.

So how does PR for property developers educate target audiences?

Our strategy varies, based on each development’s unique set of goals, messaging, audiences and purpose. We work with developers to identify smart objectives. They are positioned within the community as experts, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.  Their intended audiences are educated.

Here are just a few ways our housebuiler PR works for our clients


Major announcements

There are numerous opportunities for groundbreaking ceremonies throughout a development build. Announcing a new development is very much like a product launch. The public will become aware of the planned development and a timeline will be given. Such announcements are usually marked with a ceremony, an event hosted for media and stakeholders. With town and city officials attending to give their support, this is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the project. Events such as these often end with developers and other key stakeholders “breaking ground” and a photo opportunity for journalists to capture them holding shovels and digging into the ground on site.

Community consultation and involvement

Clear and accurate information regarding any new development needs to be communicated to the community. This builds trust and allow informed decisions. If people feel their concerns are not being listened too, suspicion is sure to surface.

Holding a forum is an excellent way to reach out to the community and engage people. They will feel their opinion is appreciated. Additionally, they will feel that they are being included in the decision making process. Regardless of how elaborate or low-key the presentation is, positive relationships are established and trust is built between both parties.

On-line information

Creating a regularly updated public consultation site is essential for receiving feedback and answering questions. The site can also be used to promote a regular newsletter. This will allow the developer to keep the community up-to-date and informed.

PR for Property Developers is key

Property developers are very busy people. Between managing financing, developing the building program and obtaining necessary public approvals, there’s often little time left to think about a PR strategy.

However, strategy is key. From project idea to completion, good public relations help developers communicate their message throughout the development process.  This enables them to reach their target audiences with the intended message. Providing an opportunity for media to be involved in each step leads to more awareness and transparency in what that development brings to the community.

If you’re looking for a PR agency for property developers talk to Proper PR

Proper PR are a stand out PR agency for housebuilders, every campaign we undertake is bespoke and tailored to each of our clients’ requirements. This ensures results which are in-line with the business goals. From the very first steps of obtaining planning permission to launching your show homes and sales centre, we are here to support you through a variety of marketing channels, connecting you to the local commiunity.

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