The Two Russells Podcast Ep 7 – The Charlie Lamdin one

Is Charlie Lamdin ‘dangerous’? 

This is the face-off you’ve all been waiting for … two opinionated experts at each others’ throats for two years on the subject of future house prices.

Charlie Lamdin and I go head to head here and argue the toss. A lot. 

First off though, can he explain what his business, Best Agent, does?

Then, the supposition from Charlie in 2021/22 was that “House prices would peak in 2022 and then drop 35% from ‘peak to trough’ by 2025”.

I say ‘This simply hasn’t happened as Charlie predicted. And nor will it’.  

Charlie is dangerous because he’s encouraging buyers, especially first time buyers, to wait on the sidelines for ‘property Armageddon’ whilst house prices continue to rise. This is costing them money unnecessarily. 

Watch here.