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Property Industry PR works!

Having the requisite knowledge of the market in which they operate, you should never underestimate the importance of a good property PR agency to elevate your brand.  Property Industry PR is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business and position yourself as an expert in the field.  PR, done properly exposes your brand to the masses via third-party publications that by the very nature of their independence, validate that you are a credible organisation.

You could spend more and more marketing pounds on Google ads, Facebook targeting, radio, print ads, TV, and outdoor. This approach though is an expensive endeavour and the public are worldly-wise in knowing that paid ads, even the great ones, are contrived and 100% partisan. Consumer fatigue is another way of putting it. Negative ROI is another.

Any well-thought marketing strategy will include PR as a support to conventional marketing. But it’s my view that property public relations are not just a support channel but a vital frontline tool, essential in gaining cut through, more traction, and in building natural search ranking defensibly. Especially as, otherwise, Google will simply take most of your money in Adwords costs.

Property Industry PR from Proper PR

Proper PR is a property PR agency born from the great success that James and I achieved at Emoov – 2000+ pieces of press coverage in 2018 across all of the main consumer publications and national newspapers online and in print. We received more media mentions in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph than a particular competitor whose main shareholders, DMGT and the Barclay Brothers, actually owned those publications. The total equivalent ad value of our endeavours was over £16m. The 78 radio appearances across the BBC, LBC and TalkRadio were a bonus as were our slots on Sky News and ITV News.

Property public relations expertise is now available to you and to your brand through Russell Quirk public relations, Proper PR. Our property PR agency will position you as an expert in your sector. We’ll achieve coverage and mentions for you on a consistent, growing basis and increase your profile, website traffic, and enquiries significantly. And with these mentions and links from multiple third-party websites such as the BBC, City AM, Daily Express, and so on, Google’s ‘bots’ will increase your domain authority and your natural search position will rise and rise (Emoov was the ranked as the highest positioned UK estate agent on Google for search terms such as ‘online estate agents’; ‘sell my house online’; ‘best estate agents’ etc and derived 40% of its website traffic from ‘SEO’. All free).

Whilst your competitors are jostling for position at great expense in ever more crowded real estate places, your property public relations agency will enhance your reputation, ensuring that you stand out from and be validated as trustworthy to hundreds of thousands of consumers in the mainstream media. Without paying through the nose.

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