The last of the car events for 2023


2023 has been a fabulous year for classic car events and in particular for Porsche as it celebrates not just its 75th anniversary but also the 60th birthday of the legendary 911.

A packed agenda for Porsche Classic Car Events

We’ve lost count of the number of gatherings that have been organised this year from Flat Six to Goodwood’s Festival of Speed and Revival to Porcshes at the Clubhouse and at the lake, the Silverstone Festival and Car Fest. It seems that this season has been packed with displays of beautiful, historic and ‘super’ cars more than any other year.

Porsche Classics at Castle Hedingham and Bicester Oktoberfest

Having attending most of the 2023 event calendar, in the last two weeks we topped off the summer with visits to Classics at the Castle, an annual thing at Castle Hedingham organised by the Porsche Club of Great Britain. And, most recently, Bicester Oktoberfest as a celebration of that six decades of the archetypal flat-six, rear engined sports car that has made the Porsche brand so famous.

At Bicester Heritage on Sunday 24th September Russell was delighted to meet Steve Bennett, boss of the UK division of Tractive, the adaptive suspension experts. Steve talked Russell through the set-up of his highly developed electronic suspension product on Russell’s Rennsport 911.

PR for Classic Car Events

The classic car events culture goes from strength to strength in Britain and beyond, with the variety of these events never failing to amaze and inspire the team at Proper PR. Additionally, classic car sales are on the rise – which is great news for event organisers who are getting more and more participants wanting to show off their prized possessions and meet like-minded people.

So, if you’re promoting an event or classic car related product, you need to make sure that enthusiasts know about it, and are excited to know more. This is where public relations comes into play.

Proper PR provide expert Automotive PR services for classic car events, and the automotive sector. In addition to media relations, we offer social media management, and content creation. By harnessing the power of social media and collaborating with influential individuals in the automotive industry, we can maximise the exposure of your car event or classic car product.

Looking forward to 2024

Sadly, that’s the season largely done for 2023. However as the classic car events culture goes from strength to strength in Britain and beyond, 2024 is sure to yield some impressive events.