“We’ve done some PR for a bit and so we don’t need it anymore”.

Ouch. And no, that’s kind of missing the point of a PR strategy. In fact it’s missing the point of an entire marketing strategy.

Great PR in terms of quality and quantity of content must work holistically with other marketing channels. That’s when it works best as a support to PPC, display, outdoor etc. In itself, it aids SEO and so that is half-covered by what PR does in any case although you must fix your ‘technical SEO’ to ensure that Google ‘likes’ your website.

But, ‘fixing’ your marketing by doing a bunch of things including PR for a while and then thinking ‘Eureka! we’re good now’, is a sure fire way to get left behind again.

All marketing is based on consistency and especially when you’re trying to build brand awareness and credibility. TRUST doesn’t come instantly but can be lost quickly. SEO/link performance even more so.

So instead of seeing PR and other channels as a mountain that you need to climb and once at the summit, throwing your arms up in the air whilst shouting ‘I made it!’ – instead see it as a marathon. A constant and progressive learning exercise that gets more and more recognition and successful as the miles fall away but that you have to persevere with for a while.

Marathons are never won in the first couple of miles, far from it. But from the twentieth mile you’ll start to see your competitors flag as you power on. Unless you give up.

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