“Be less ambitious”. Not a phrase you hear much on LinkedIn amongst the exponential growth posturing.

But as we entered year three of the property PR agency business, we faced a dilemma – a nice one really. Do we continue to double in size each year and with all of the kudos that’s associated with such, or do we not?

It’s alien these days not to seek world domination. It’s all we talked about at Emoov – grow, raise cash, grow, go faster. Yet running a profitable business with managed overheads and a small team has its appeal, don’t you think?

Many companies that I’ve dealt with as a consumer get worse as they get bigger. The biggest are the worst. Awful service, terrible responses, apathetic staff and unaccountability. You’ll each have your own examples I’m sure.

And so after much consideration James Lockett and Dr Alex Pericli and I won’t be chasing after an even bigger-hamster wheel because the one we’ve built is just the right size. Well almost…

15 is our magic number. Fifteen clients that we can attend to 24/7 and nurture. Fifteen that will get our full founder attention.

And we’re almost at that max. Proudly so.

You won’t be seeing us at the top of any PR Week list as ‘Most Gigantic of Agency Giants’. But as a client, you’ll be rather happy we’re not.