We hate to boast but… wait, no, we do like to boast. That’s pretty much what we do albeit usually for other people 😉

So, we should tell you about June. A month embedded between crisis and recovery and that by rights, if it had been ordinary in terms of business performance, would have been seen as great – if you know what we mean.

But as it turns out (here comes the boast) June was the best month in our fledgling history whereby we achieved record levels of media coverage for our clients and massive eyeball reach whilst domain authority, as recognised by Google, climbed for them too.

In June we worked with ten companies. We have recently expanded our resource to give us capacity for just twelve. We tell you this so that you can easily translate the figures below into stats per client so that they are meaningful for you – just in case you might want to engage an expert PR agency for your public relations campaign.

Anyway, here are the month’s numbers:

Total client brand media mentions                632

Total reach (audience)                                     954 million people

Value of coverage (advert equivalent)           £527,000

Most valuable hit                                              The Times (Seaside piece) – £61,234

Biggest single reach                                         Yahoo – 159,

Avg ROI per client                                             £13 for every £1 spent

SEO backlinks secured                                     181

Consequential Client Facebook ‘Likes’           3171

Consequential Client Facebook Shares         2055

Broadcast hits                                                    TalkRADIO, BBC One Breakfast, BBC local

Back in 2014 before I took PR in-house at Emoov we were dealing with agencies (a few, one after the other) that promised the earth and did not really deliver. Seventeen pieces of coverage was the high-point one month under a certain, fancy West End outfit and which they hailed by them as ‘amazeballs’.

In 2018 Emoov achieved an average of one hundred and sixty six pieces of PR coverage each month under James and I. We’re emulating that for external estate agency, property portal, mortgage, co-working, lettings, landlord services, room rental and PropTech clients now –as their in-house equivalent.

No one does what we do nor how we do it.

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