‘They’re Clowns!’ Russell Quirk takes on the fake-house-price-crash grifters

Property Update: The ‘Proper Charlies’ Edition

There’s some #property news about this morning and so here’s an update on the popular trade publications’ headlines…watch here.

I mention OnTheMarket, Lomond, Home Sale Pack – and one enterprising letting agent’s diversification into drugs.

Plus, I tackle Charlie Lamdin head on and say exactly what I think of his clown-like prophecies of ‘house price doom’ in light of yet more data out today that shows prices RISING.

Yep, there’s no sign of a 35% crash, still (unless you re-cut the data and ‘interpret it’ with a huge dollop of bullsh1t).

In fact, I say that Charlie and his disciples are downright dangerous. Here’s why …

Hat Tip: Mr Bean and Halifax