We have teamed up with Unchained Marketing to gain some industry insight for this coming year. Titled ‘Voice of the Agent 2024′ we are keen to survey industry professionals like you. Last year we had a whopping 553 respondents and we are hoping for an even better response this year. With your help we can do it!


About the survey

The 2024 Voice of the Agent Survey is an annual initiative designed to gather insights from professionals in the UK real estate sector, specifically targeting estate and letting agents. This survey follows the success of its 2023 predecessor, aiming to collect data to inform and shape the industry’s future.

Key areas of focus in the survey include market trends, marketing techniques, property technology (proptech), the application of artificial intelligence (AI), and the impact of the current economic and political climate on the real estate market. The survey seeks to understand these areas from professionals actively engaged in the field.


In 2023, the survey received responses from over 550 agents, providing a broad spectrum of insights. Participants in the survey are offered access to the full report upon its completion, along with additional research on homeowners, tenants, and landlords. There is also an incentive in the form of a chance to win a free marketing consultation.


A notable feature of the survey is the assurance of anonymity for all respondents. This is intended to encourage candid participation without the concern of revealing proprietary or sensitive business information. The data collected is expected to contribute not only to individual knowledge but also to collective industry advancement.

The results of the survey, along with associated consumer research, are scheduled to be released in early April. These findings are anticipated to provide valuable insights for informed decision-making within the real estate sector.

You can complete the survey here (where you can also download the 2023 report).

What’s in it for you?

You will be able to view the survey results and gain valuable insights into the market which will help with your business this year.