30,311 views Dec 5, 2023

Sunday December 3rd 2023 saw the annual festive gathering of Porsche Club GB members and guests, this year at the Warwick Event Centre. Two thousand people flocked to see over 50 Porsches from 1950’s 356s to one of the first 911s, the very first 930 Turbo from 1975 in a line up of every 911 Turbo from then until now, GT cars, modified cars, an 800 BHP Brabus 911 Turbo S plus a spattering of Le Mans cars old and new, a Dakar, Sport Classics, Boxsters, a 914, 968s and many more. A sports car lovers candy shop! In this Porschenomics video we tour the line up of awesome metal and speak to Nick Taylor, Chairman of the Porsche Club of Great Britain. In this interview he reveals breaking news about an all new event for 2024 that will be the jewel in the Porsche events calendar crown.