Proper PR can now offer property businesses a unique property update video that’s bang up-to-date with all of the goings-on in the housing market. It is filmed each week and sent on to you branded with your company logo. You can then send it to your database, post on your social media channels and showcase it on your website.

Estate agents, lettings agents and mortgage companies accumulate mountains of data. Current home sellers, previous sellers, former buyers, a mailing list of prospective buyers (that might become sellers), landlords, casual prospects and previous leads… each has a wealth of potential customers to contact.

When we say ‘can’ be contacted we mean SHOULD be contacted.

This new product from ProperPR is a Property Update video that we shoot each week so that the property information contained within it is very current. It’s a five-minute run down of the main headlines in the UK property market. The public LOVE to receive property information and will hold dear to them the source of such regular information.

This process is known as NURTURE. Something that the UK estate and lettings agency sector could do better. Whereas in the US property industry NURTURE accounts for billions of dollars in revenue for agents each year that would otherwise be left on the table (or eaten from someone else’s table).


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