Now in its 23rd year, the bi-annual Property Investor Show attracts thousands of visitors and around 100 exhibitors. It’s a Mecca for landlords, property investors, developers and aspirational property people.

The organisers select a number of experts to sit on panels discussing a huge mix of subjects throughout the two day event, all free to attend. Debates include:

  • Funding your property development
  • What does next year hold for landlords?
  • Is buy-to-let still attractive to investors?
  • Capitalising on permitted development
  • Interest rates – how to profit regardless

At each event the Show’s bosses ask us at ProperPR to host a number of these panels and this year we were delighted to host Richard Donnell, Manni and Romy Chopra, Richard Blanco, Ritchie Clapson and Adam Lawrence.

The room was full at each session and the audience got fully involved with questions and comment and Russell even managed to get the panel participants to vigorously disagree on a few things.

The upshot? We asked the audience at the conclusion of each discussion if they felt more informed and more enthusiastic about their future aspirations having spent an hour or so listening to the experts talk. The rooms were unanimous with a resounding YES.

So, job done we reckon !😃💥



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