Most PR agencies are generalist firms that will try their hand at most industries and disciplines. After all, why turn down a lucrative restaurant chain account even if you’ve never worked in one and are unfamiliar with the sector?

Well, because nailing public relations for a client properly relies upon subject matter expertise. Moreover, having an in-depth knowledge of a business saves time in understanding its idiosyncrasies and prevents errors and context going amiss.

Frankly, there’s a difference between an agency ‘doing property PR’, for instance, and ‘property people doing PR’.

The ProperPR team focusses on must two areas – property PR and motors PR. This is because its founders are people that have spent years in the property and the automotive industries as employees and bosses.

In addition to knowledge and expertise, from this history also comes a plethora of contacts in the sectors themselves as well as journalists that write about housing and cars. Contacts are just as important as ideas, research, distribution, writing prowess …

Add in personal passions – most weekends Russell can be found at a classic car or Porsche event or driving to some far-flung place in something vintage – and the recipe for PR success across national and trade press and broadcast media, is utterly unrivalled.

Experts. Truly.