We’ve been selected as the Property PR agency for Contractors for Justice (C4J), the claims firm that has today stated that it is to gather up to 2500 Purplebricks agents and territory owners together in a Group Litigation Order (GLO) that seeks to conclude that they were, in fact, fully fledged employees rather than self-employed.

Since inception, Purplebricks, YOPA etc have hired agents on a self-employed basis which saves the company from various employer contributions. These include employer national insurance, statutory pension contributions, maternity/paternity pay and so on.

The central thread to the C4J claim is that formerly self-employed Purplebricks and YOPA agents (and others potentially) are ‘owed’ holiday pay and pension contributions that could total 20.07% of their entire earnings retrospectively.

The maths is potentially stark for the likes of Purplebricks give that some 2500 agents and territory owners have been through their doors since 2014 earning in some cases, six figure sums per annum. C4J estimate the claim potential at between £20m and £100m depending upon how many agents sign up to the GLO.

The FT, GB News, Estate Agent Today and Property Industry Eye hae all covered our story this morning.

More information here at the C4J website


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