Proper PR

Formerly known as PropergandaPR

When you’re recommended by a property client to a non-property client and the team look at each other across the Zoomesphere and say to each other ‘Yeah, let’s do it’. That.

We’re property PR specialists as we’ve cut our teeth on creating brilliant property related ideas as well as having fantastic relationships with property journalists. Over the last seven years James and Russell have gained over 12,000 property PR mentions in the property space for numerous brands.

But there comes a time when you want to challenge yourselves and to push outside of one’s comfort zone. So that’s what we’ve done in onboarding three new clients that have nothing to do with houses.

In fact, the trio couldn’t be more diverse in hailing from the worlds of leadership coaching, the hotel industry and feminine sanitary hygiene (yes, really). We’re a few weeks in and already smashing the coverage for them all.

Well, we didn’t want to end up being type-cast. 

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