848 is our new lucky number. Why? because that’s the number of times our clients were mentioned in the media in September – and it’s another Properganda RECORD (yes, we’d be out celebrating if it were not deemed somewhat inappropriate to do so right now – but it’ll keep).

How’s it going with you? Are you achieving the top tier press coverage that you need? Or the B2B trade exposure that drives more leads? Our average client just bagged over 70 mentions in the last month and so if you’re not seeing those kinds of results, we’re all ears.

You’ll get a properly researched, data led press release each and every week from a professional PR agency. Regular, rapidly written news-jacks. Distributed to all of the top journalists and publications in the UK. And weekly reporting, plus the experience of dealing with just the bosses, not a procession of junior account managers – because we don’t have any of those.

By the way there are just 81 days until Christmas which means only 88 days until we ring in 2021. Wow, what a relief that will be! So, are you ready to ramp it up in readiness?

The Headlines:

Client coverage                   848 mentions

Monthly Reach                    1.8bn people

Equivalent Ad Value           £1.4m

Overall Client ROI               £1 spent = £29 returned