Properganda PR is just a year old.

In that time we have seen a frankly astonishing performance for our clients and really do have to shout about it!

Since the beginning of January 2019 when we were brand new and with precious little in the way of momentum, our clients have received over 4400 pieces of media coverage. These digital mentions have reached 3.6bn people in total and have an equivalent advertising value of £8.7m.

Now, this is all very well but what has it done in real terms?

Well, firstly, the £8.7m represents a return on investment vs the client cost of the PR generated of 26x. in other words, we have achieved twenty six times more advertising value for our customers than the cost of the PR service. Can you think of another marketing medium that would do that?  

Secondly, and here’s the anecdotal bit, clients report that they are closing more business because their customers perceive them as better known and more credible simply because they are seeing them mentioned in the press. PR is as much a conversion tool as it is an awareness raising tool.

Thirdly, our PR generates traffic. One client in particular, a young proptech platform, has seen 110% more organic traffic to their website since engaging us.

Fourth. The SEO benefits. What is this? It’s the position on Google that Google gives you based upon how ‘popular’ and ‘relevant’ you are, when people search for, for instance, ‘best estate agents’; ‘popular letting agents’; ‘rooms to rent’; and so on. We provide, typically, 40 press mentions online each month per client and this ‘fuel’ from high domain authority third-parties tells Google that you are a player, so to speak. We’ve had links from The Sun, The BBC, The Daily Mirror, The daily Express, Telegraph, ITV, Sky and a whole host of regional titles and trade publications.   

There are lots of PR agencies to choose from. Almost none do what we do. Almost none have a property specialism. And almost all charge more.

Roll on 2020 – we have big plans. 

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