This week saw the release of HM Land Registry’s latest price paid data report for April. 

if you’re a property geek as we are there are a number of stats in the numbers that you might find interesting and that we  thought we mention:

There were 394 property sales that were above £1,000,000 in England.

242 of these were in London and just 3 in the West Midlands and 4 in Greater Manchester. None in Wales (sorry Wales). 

The most popular house type is terraced followed by semis and then detached homes. Flats are fourth. 

April was a lean month for sale registrations at 74,683 – down on March and February.

New build sales dropped 15% compared to April 2018. 

The most expensive home? Sold in Kensington for £30,000,000. The cheapest? Burnley at just £16,000. Some contrast!