Sunday May 19th 2019,11.20am. Brentwood, Essex

The tension builds as they near the starting line. Nerves are jangling as the motivational music builds and compere Rob Jelly of BBC Essex fame shouts encouragement from his Mad Max-esque podium. Smoke billows, intentionally, to create further atmosphere as the impending participants star-jump in unison, preparing to meet their fate. Brave faces all round but hearts a thumping for sure underneath the compression t-shirts and sponsor logos.

Yes, Nuclear Races, the muddiest of mud runs is go.

This year, we have a vested interest in the event as we are in fact competing in it. Well, when we say ‘we’ we mean that co-founder Russell Quirk (eventually) agreed to be our fall-guy and after repeated encouragement (read bullying) from property industry big-wig Kristjan Byfield of Base Property and The Depositary. Russell is part of a team of property well-knowns from the worlds of estate agency and #proptech that include Keller Williams; Ask Porter; Dataloft; Loop; Homie; and of course Base Property.

So by around 2pm on Sunday 19th May, for those that make it, these hardy souls will have trawled through 7km of muddy obstacles having raised over £2000 for the Agents Giving charity. The Properganda team will be with them in spirit, cheering from the dry, warmer confines of the spectator area – hot coffee and snacks in abundance – and hopefully remembering to be there at the end to administer towels and a clean change of clothes to our battered and drenched warriors.

Best of luck guys!

You can donate here, out of guilt and sympathy if nothing else.