Russell was honoured to be invited to speak at the U.K. Property Development lunch at Sópers House last Wednesday.

Russell discussed how PR can be used to spin good news but in 2023 has also been used negatively by many in the media to create a false narrative that the property market is in meltdown. ‘Where’s the crash?’ Asked Russell before explaining how many economic indicators are very positive – no recession, peak interest rates, inflation halved, house prices down just 2% (not 35% as forecast by some) and many feeling very optimistic about 2024.

He also set out his ‘Ten predictions for 2024’ some of which are decidedly tongue in cheek….

  • Rishi Sunak will not be Prime Minister at the next election (in around October)
  • Nigel Farage will become a Tory MP
  • No one will be sent to Rwanda. Except for two more Home Secretaries
  • Doctors and train drivers will continue to strike throughout the year – and no one will notice
  • We’ll all keep pretending that electric cars are good for the planet albeit not for your wallet
  • House prices will rise in 2024
  • No recession next year
  • House building completions will be at one of the lowest levels in decades – circa 150,000 completions
  • Gary Lineker will no longer front Match of the Day
  • Harry and Meghan will split