A regular contributor to media as a property expert, ProperPR Co-Founder Russell Quirk is also a ‘political hobbyist’ as he terms it.

So in addition to gracing the airwaves of TalkTV, LBC, GB News and the BBC with his expert opinion on all things property he is often asked to guest as a paper reviewer and political commentator.

This week, TalkTV invited Russell to host his own three-hour phone-in show where he discussed hot topics of the day to a national audience of thousands including the cost of living crisis, the increasing problem of crime in Britain, immigration and, yes, you guessed it – house prices.

Towards the end of his show Russell articulated a ten minute unscripted monologue critiquing newspaper articles that day which had prophecised a house price crash.

“There will be no such thing, said Russell “given the still strong fundamentals of demand around our cultural obsession with owning a home, relatively low interest rates (still), high employment and the problem as ever of lack of supply of stock generally”.

“We hear so called experts predicting doom within the housing market at every sign of trouble and not least at the prospect of Brexit, Covid-19 and so on – but despite some commentators almost willing the market to crash it has resisted their calls to do so and so it will this time even in the face of an economic slowdown”.

Wise words? Let us know if you agree and tune in to TalkTV to see when Russell will be hosting again.