We’re barely a year old and we’re growing fast. If we were a baby we’d already be running laps of the nursery reciting Shakespeare and being cited as a prodigy. Probably.

In all seriousness, when we founded Properganda PR in late 2018 many may have thought ‘Yes, it makes sense, they’re good at this. But let’s see if they can not just get coverage for other people but also do so consistently whilst growing a client base’. Fair enough. 

And we have. Client revenues have now topped £500,000 per annum from a standing start with fantastic retention. But what we’re really proud of is the fact that we are securing even bigger and better known clients, some even international. 

Moreover, the coverage that we are achieving is quite astonishing now with each client receiving an average of 60 mentions each month from our unique style and volume of output.

Frankly, there is no other PR agency that is both dedicated to the property sector as well as able to create ideas at scale that ensure such big coverage consistently.

The result is increased brand awareness, greater credibility and a huge increase in SEO performance and keyword ranking on Google. And all for a lower cost than that of an ordinary PR agency.

A year on, we’ve proved concept. And some… 

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