We like a challenge and so when Marc Gershon of WinMyDreamHome.com was referred to us by an existing client, we were intrigued.

Marc is a property developer and has refurbished a house in Kentish Town, London – value £2.1m. But instead of selling it in the conventional way he has decided to make it the subject of a raffle prize of sorts. For a £10.00 ticket and an attempt at answering a skill based question, you have the chance to win the house, lock, stock and barrel. He’s even paying the stamp duty up to £200,000.

We met and agreed terms on the Thursday. Arranged our ‘kick-off’ meeting the next week and quickly came up with 20 or so big ideas that would then form press releases each and every week (yes, we research and publish a press release every week for each client and distribute to thousands of property, business and consumer journalists).

Within 24 hours of our first release being delivered to multiple publications several media outlets published our piece explaining Marc’s offering and how, unlike those before him, WinMyDreamHome.com employs ultra transparent and clear terms explaining how the prize is won, what happens if insufficient tickets are sold (60% of all ticket revenue is awarded instead) and confirms that the closing date of December 31st 2019 is final – no extensions. 

Articles published included in the FT, the Daily Mail, This is Money, Money Week and Your Money, a huge success in a very short period of time.

The important thing here though is the effect of the coverage and the fact that enough additional tickets were sold that day to cover our monthly fee 12.5 times over. In one day!

Now that’s what I call an ROI.





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