Elsewhere on this website we bang on about how gaining PR coverage feeds SEO.

What’s SEO? It means ‘search engine optimisation’ and is the thing that determines where your website ranks in search pages according to Google.

If you rank poorly, no one will ever find you if they search for standard/generic key-phrases such as ‘best estate agent’ or ‘rent my flat’ etc. If you rank well, you’ll be seen by millions more people and receive more people to your website and therefore more enquiries, more sales and you’ll create more revenue.

You could ignore the importance of SEO and let your competitors out-rank you. Simply just PAY Google thousands of pounds in weekly Adwords costs to boost your website’s visibility instead. Of course, Google make billions in profits and they do this by increasing Adwords click rates as certain sectors and key-words become more popular.  Most businesses cannot sustain this.

No. The only way to have a sustainable online presence is to invest in SEO and the most effective way to do that and the most legitimate is to gain PR coverage and links from third party news websites. This is what we do for you.

This week we spoke to one of client’s digital marketing teams who remarked that their search ranking has increased significantly in the three short months that we have been engaged. They showed us a chart of website traffic and search terms that now sit in page one of Google and the line looked like a hockey-stick – that bit at the end that turns upwards at a sharp angle.

The client’s SEO agency said ‘You guys are smashing it’. Consequently, this particular business now has revenues that are growing by double digit percentages every month. 

Are you investing in SEO via PR? If not, contact us and we’ll tell you how we can transform your natural search performance so that Google loves you.  

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