Our guide on how to write a press release for Property PR, will get journalists sitting up and taking notice


Did you know that the average human attention span is only 8 seconds?

That’s 8 seconds to grab your readers’ attention and convince them they should stay and read on.

You’ve probably already spent 8 seconds reading up to this point. Not too much time, is it?

Remember who you’re writing for

A well written press release is your gateway to grabbing the attention of journalists. So, when faced with composing a press release for any specialised sector, it’s crucial to remember who you are writing for. With property journalists, the requirements for your property press release totally depend on what you’re covering.

Say for instance you are planning to write about a residential development, your PR efforts will be focusing on supporting your sales or lettings strategy – this will paint a picture of the lifestyle and the sense of community the scheme has to offer.

However, if your writing a commercially-focussed press release, then your will be aiming to get the attention of a corporate audience who will have a clear and stringent set of criteria that you’ll need to follow to get the story issued. This can range from quotes from the developers, what features the building has to offer, local amenities, transport links and to up-to-date photos or CGIs.
So, what exactly does your property press release need?

Writing a Property PR Press Release – the rule of thumb

Your property industry press release should be clear, concise and factual. Key details of the scheme should be laid out in the first few paragraphs.  Include a selection of images, either high resolution photos or CGIs to illustrate the story.
Add full details of the scheme and relevant background information for context. This means that you will be better placed to get your story noticed.

Don’t mix facts with fiction

This is important – get all your facts and figures correct before writing your property press release. Include the necessary basic details: development size, location and projected timescales. If journalists do not have the full picture further questions will be asked and time wasted. Addressing details ahead of issuing will save everyone time in the long run. And, since we are now living in the age of ‘fake news’ it’s vital that all details are correct before your story goes to press.

What’s your angle?

To write a press release for Property PR that gets you the publicity you require, you will need a powerful angle, for instance:

Why is this story of interest to your target audience and how will it affect them?

If this scheme or development has been covered in the past, what is the new angle that will ignite reader’s interest?

The news hook should be the first sentence of your story.  This is what makes this particular development stand out from the crowd. Is it a heritage building that is being brought back to life?

Is it an exciting new workspace? Is it a residential development that is introducing a new concept of living? These are all angles that attract a property journalist’s attention.

Further details of the scheme can then follow in lines two and three, including:

  • The name of the developer
  • The name of the architect
  • Estimated completion dates
  • Who the agents are
  • How the scheme has progressed so far

Don’t forget quotes

Offer tempting quotes which provide direct interaction between key people driving the scheme and the reader. They should usually be dropped in lines three, four or even five (if it is a more complex story). They can add authority and validity to your property PR piece.

Any quotes used should enhance what has already been said in the previous lines of your press release. They should reflect the scheme’s key messages – these are the main points that you want to get across. They should not repeat what has already been written in lines one and two for instance. No one wants to read bland comments which don’t add anything to the story.

Quotes will usually come from the author of the press release and one or two other key partners in the scheme. Don’t overload your press release with them, however – one or two relevant people is ideal.

Attention grabbing images

There’s a reason why communication relies on visuals; images and videos drive attention way better than any text. Why should a press release be any different?

Strong striking photography is integral to the press release process. Images – whether they’re CGIs/photos of the building or photos of key people at your company who are quoted in the press release – should be high res and illustrate the story.

Sending your press release out with high quality images means it has a much greater chance of getting picked up by journalists who work to both keep their core readership informed and attract new readers. Many journalists are also looking for video content, ideas include lapse photography or video fly-throughs of a scheme or development.

Planning is key

If you are planning on organising a photo call so you can capture the right image to go with your property PR press release, remember to do this well in advance so you can get your release out on time. Gathering your facts and quotes before issuing the release is also crucial to ensuring the story is a hit.

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