Proper PR

Formerly known as PropergandaPR

“It’s gone a bit quiet and so we’re going to cut back on marketing for a while”.

This is a statement often heard as business quietens down cyclically and seasonally and it’s especially popular as a tactic by cash starved start-ups. Yet, the rationale makes no sense.

When leads slow and revenue dips, surely the very LAST thing that a company wants to do is to accentuate that decline by ensuring that FEWER people see their brand and their message? Less visibility, lower brand awareness, fewer leads as a consequence and less trust in the business as it disappears from public view. It makes no sense.

The property market in particular has had a good time of it in the past year. And the clever money is that which will now maintain its spend and its visibility over and above its competitors some of whom will go into hiding at the slightest sign of market retraction no matter how brief.

It takes a while to be noticed. But no time at all to be forgotten.


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