Warning – This is a gratuitous, self-congratulatory article. We’re going to gush for a few minutes… Bear with us.

When James and I set up Properganda as a PR agency we had high hopes for the business. We wanted to achieve for other property businesses that which we had achieved for Emoov in gaining huge coverage, raised awareness, increased credibility and trust and, importantly, higher domain authority from Google in order to increase website visits and revenue whilst lowering customer acquisition costs by ranking well for search terms naturally.

Six months and a dozen or so clients in and we’re doing exactly that.

June was testimony to the team’s efforts as a number of high points have been hit as we grow and as our performance for our clients also grows. Here goes:

  • An average of 44 press mentions per client this month 
  • Equivalent total month’s advertising value of £1.87 million 
  • Publication reach of 365 million people
  • 111 new back-links pointing to client websites (again, one month)
  • National newspaper hits ranking: Top was 17 for one client; 14 for another (in one month)

Other June highlights include:

  • A well respected PR agency principal asking ‘How do you do it?’ 
  • A client’s SEO agency telling us ‘You guys are absolutely smashing it’ – just three months from our initial engagement they now rank at number one on page one of Google for their most coveted search term and they’ve seen a ‘hockey-stick’ increase in the number of other key-words moving up to page one this month
  • Knight Frank, the international prime real estate giant, copying our PR creative idea. Flattered!
  • Stints on the BBC, LBC and TalkRadio as specifically requested property experts 

We’re just six months old. If we were a baby, by now we’d have 10 million hits on YouTube where we’d be reciting the alphabet backwards. In Greek. Whilst juggling chainsaws. 

Gush ends. (Except to say that the Properganda team ROCKS!)

Awesome coverage for your business. Want some?